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In the end of 2015 we decided to hand production and sales over to our long time friend Dani. We gave her the rights, and our blessings to continue on. She is now in production and selling them on her website, Valhalla Outdoors. Please visit to get yours, and thank you to all who supported us in this venture from 2007 to 2015.

Cozies are 8″ wide and 7 1/2″ long. Weight is on average is 1 to 1.2 ounces, depending on outer fabrics weight/thickness. Open at top to save weight.

The cozies work for quart and pint freezer bags as well as smaller commercial freeze dried meals such as PackitGourmet, Mountain House Pro-Paks and Mary Janes meals. These cozies hold quite a bit!

Hand wash and air dry, low iron on steam setting can be used to remove wrinkles.


Using the cozy is very simple: put your quart freezer bag inside the cozy. Add your water to the bag and stir well. Then seal the bag tightly and close the cozy. Lean the cozy so it is upright and let the food do its magic. Ultralight, packable, and crushable in your pack. They will deliver hot meals even in the coldest months. Constructed of washable and breathable fabric, it retains both heat and cold, depending on what you have in the cozy. The outer fabric is cotton, liner fabric is a Mylar/hollow poly fabric (US made fabrics). Dimensions and weight are approximate, as these are hand crafted items, sewn by Dani, one at a time. These cozies are made in Washington State of domestic milled fabrics.

Want to know why Sarah created the fabric FBC Cozy? The Story of how the FBC Fabric Cozy.

Cozies In Action: Shots of cozies on the trail.

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