The Fauxbaker & Trail Baking

Have you ever wished you could have a hot biscuit or muffin in the morning? But not carry a ton of weight? Or a huge pot? You can!

I have been fascinated by the Bakepacker® for a couple years, but the problem is this: even with the light version they sell, it won’t fit my tiny pans. You need a pan that is at least 6″ across (which would be around a 1.5 L pot). I use a MSR Titan Ti Kettle, which is .85 L and is not even 5″ across the top. And truth be told, I am not about to start carrying heavier and larger pans for this purpose. So I started looking around on the internet and came across this site from a couple years ago, where a hiker described his version of making a UL baker. I thought to myself “could I make one that was smaller? Would it work?”.  (Though I still hold out for the Super UL Bakepacker® to be produced!)

I wandered around the house looking for what I could use to make it, and noticed I had a new windscreen that I hadn’t used. I smoothed it out, and laid my kettle on top. I traced the shape, then using scissors, cut it out. I then trimmed it down a bit so that it would fit in my pot. You want it so you can drop it in, maybe 1/4″ smaller than your pot inside.

There are many materials you could use, one being my idea, another would be a disposable aluminum cookie tray from the grocery store.

Then, using a ruler, I traced a grid of 1/2″ squares on it. I used a tiny phillips head screwdriver to do this. All I had to do was gently drag the screwdriver on the metal to leave a light line. You want one that is small, such as for jewelry work. A small punch would work as well.

Now, I found a scrap piece of wood. I set my circle on top of the wood. Using the screwdriver I punched a hole carefully at the corner of each square on the grid I had traced. I then went and punched a hole in the center of each grid.

I then cut another piece of the metal 14″ long and 1″ wide. It can be as long as you wish. This is what sits at the bottom of the pan, and is spiraled, to hold the circle up.


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