Ghee Butter

Ghee Butter
Recipe Type: Seasonings
Cuisine: Dry Mixes
Author: Sarah
Description Ghee is shelf stable butter, simple to make.
  • 1 lb unsalted butter, softened
  1. Heat the butter in a heavy sauce pan, over low-medium. Allow the oil (ghee) to separate from the milk solids. Periodically remove (skim off) the foam that accumulates at the top with a sterile spoon. When the melted butter is clear in color, the ghee is done.
  2. Remove from the stove and allow to cool for a while, than carefully pour off the ghee into a sterile glass or plastic jar through cheese cloth or a coffee filter. Put on the lid and store at room temperature for up to a year.
  3. And a side benefit of doing it yourself? Well, you can get small wide mouth containers and make small trail friendly portions.
  4. And yes, you can use salted butter if that is what you have.
There is though a butter you can carry year round on the trail. It is Ghee. Used very often in India, it is also popular in other nearby countries. Ghee is also known as clarified butter.[br]You can find Ghee jarred in ethnic and natural food grocery stores. The only downside is Ghee does not come cheap. I recently came across an organic version by Purity Farms – it set me back about $7 for a 7.5 ounce jar.[br]Ghee is shelf stable and does not need to be refrigerated. You can easily transfer it to a lightweight plastic container for trail use. You do want to make sure you use a sterile utensil when you dip into it (as with all spreads!) as your slobber is what can cause food to go bad on the trail.[br]Buy the best butter you can afford, organic preferably.