Clean Eating and Paleo

When we first started developing and writing trail recipes back in the early 2000’s, the concept of clean eating was very far away. Yet, you can still eat well while in the outdoors! It doesn’t have to be “only ramen and Pop-Tarts” event.

As with other specific diets, you need to read labels carefully, use trusted brands and more importantly, become friendly with dehydrating, and sourcing out trusted dried ingredients.

All of the recipes below are “clean eating”, and none contain pasta, rice, or flour, nor processed sugar or preservatives. Some are paleo friendly as well. However, it isn’t hard to eat Paleo while hiking. Think about what you like at home, and convert those meals into trail food. If you eat a lot of meat, consider using freeze-dried meat, which rehydrates quickly.





Dry Mixes & Seasonings

Snacks & Desserts